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Twittering the Inauguration (Plus a Few Parties for Good Measure)

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, January 19 2009

On the assumption that for the next 18-36 hours I am a) not going to be near my laptop much; b) not able to get much bandwith on my cell phone and therefore c) mostly Twittering whatever observations I have as we attend ... Read More

Daily Digest: Questions, Cats, and Chaos Avoidance

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, January 14 2009

Quizzing RNC Hopefuls: The race to be the next Republican National Committee chair is heating up, and it remains particularly fascinating because no clear front-runner has emerged. With two weeks left before the vote ... Read More

Daily Digest: @obamacouldlearnsomething from @thetwitteringdiplomat

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 24 2008

The Daily Digest will be taking a break tomorrow and Friday for the Christmas holiday, and will return on Monday. We at PdF and techPresident wish you a happy and healthy holiday season. @bama, Take Two: Barack Obama has ... Read More

Daily Digest: The "Obama Internet" Moment?

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, December 16 2008

The "Obama Internet" Moment?: The New York Times editorial board is urging President-elect Obama to embrace the idea that restoring the U.S.'s rightful place at the vanguard of the Internet could be a ... Read More