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BY Nancy Scola | Friday, March 18 2011

Rep. Anthony Weiner, Democrat of New York. A selection of recent Weinerisms: #thepuzzlerwillnotbebacknextweek, #dangersoflettingmynephewplaywithmyphone, #bikelanebacklashavoidable, #imadeyousayspeakerweiner, ... Read More

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, February 11 2011

There you have it. Read More

The Other Other White House Website

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, November 8 2010 is back. And some people still aren't getting the joke. Read More

Tweeting Sharron Agle, Part II

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, September 21 2010

That didn't take long. There's now indeed a @sharronagle account, making the most of a mis-typed call for Twitter followers made by Nevada Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle. The first (and only) tweet: Hello, ... Read More

Irony FAIL?

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, June 28 2010

Regarding the Meg Whitman FAIL situation, Stan Olshefski, a new media strategist with experience in Republican politics, suggests on Twitter that perhaps my irony bone is broken, given that a site built on ... Read More

Meg Whitman's Mock-Up FAIL

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, June 28 2010

An attempt to glean a little hipness from an Internet meme has landed Meg Whitman's (R) campaign for governor in some hot water. Read More

Advomatic Embraces the NoBama Movement

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, April 1 2010

And another. Advomatic, heretofore known only to work for Democrats, repurposes its Click-to-Call tool to help connect people to their elected representatives to " STOP THE PRESIDENT FROM ASSERTING PRESIDENTIAL ... Read More

Ghosts of Iowa

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, April 1 2010

We should probably just go ahead and completely hand this day over to April Fool's jokes, Anyway, here's one that's circulating around amongst former Iowa staffers for the 2004 John Kerry campaign, it's a (fake) note ... Read More