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Announcing BOF ("Birds-of-a-feather") Sessions at PdF09

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, June 17 2009

A number of people have asked about opportunities for collaboration during this year's Personal Democracy Forum, and in response to their suggestions, we're pleased to announce that Monday evening June 29, immediately ... Read More

Housekeeping Note: We've Added Apture Multimedia Embeds

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, May 29 2009

You might notice that some links on the site are now prepended by some cute little icons, like this, this, this, or this. That's Apture. Read More

Housekeeping Note, Design Edition

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, May 20 2009

Careful readers and visual learners will notice that we've made some design changes on both techPresident and Personal Democracy Forum. (If you read us via RSS, stop over to the sites today.) We've gone more minimalist, ... Read More

Welcome All, and Have a Look Around

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, May 5 2009

So, as it turns out, when Ashton Kutcher tweets out a link to your site, you get traffic. Who knew? Read More

Housekeeping: RSS Repeats No More

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, April 8 2009

We've finally gotten a fix to the woes plaguing our RSS feed, and you should now only be seeing single posts -- instead of the double postings of the last few days. We apologize for trouble. We've finally gotten a fix to ... Read More

Housekeeping: RSS Double Trouble

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, April 3 2009

We're aware that our RSS feed (which you really should be subscribed to, if you aren't already) has taken to posting the body of each post twice. It's being worked on. Sorry for the trouble. Read More

A Note on Changes at techPresident

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, February 10 2009

Changes are afoot that we'd like to let you know about. As we prepare for the (fingers crossed) imminent relaunch of revamped techPresident and Personal Democracy Forum websites, we're going to be experimenting with me ... Read More

Technical Housekeeping

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, May 21 2008

If you've had any problems accessing or Personal Democracy Forum today, our apologies: our servers were hit with a series of technical problems that briefly brought our sites down and are continuing to ... Read More

Some Changes to our Charts

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, March 7 2008

We've made some changes to our charts, to take into account the consolidation of the field in the major party primaries, and the appearance of some national names among the third party field. We're still keeping an eye ... Read More

Housekeeping: New Design Tweaks and Technorati Charts

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, September 11 2007

As you may have noticed, we've made some spiffy design improvements to techPresident, all in the name of easily findable and navigable charts. Read More