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Daily Digest: The First 21st Century Campaign?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, April 18 2008

Ronald Brownstein says we're in the midst of the first truly 21st century campaign; Eventful goes local; MoveOn petitions against ABC; Ethan Zuckerman and the Berkman crew watch their favorite YouTube videos; the Village ... Read More

Our Favorite Videos Of The Week: Baracky Obamaboa

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, April 18 2008

In this week’s favorite videos, the campaigns get creative and retro, with Nader, Clinton, and Obama producing new campaign ads; offers a retrospective of voter-generated video; and Baracky rises from ... Read More

Daily Digest: Hillary Follows No One (On Twitter)

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, April 17 2008

Last night's debate is roundly criticized on liberal blogs; a new site asks Obama supporters to add their testimonials; a London Mayoral candidate will hold a live chat with voters; a nostalgic look at voter-generated ... Read More

Obama Targets Pennsylvania Voters with Pure Persuasion Ads

BY Kate Kaye | Wednesday, April 16 2008

Senator Barack Obama's campaign has demonstrated a willingness to use local online advertising to reach voters in particular primary states. Now, with the important Pennsylvania primary around the corner, Obama for ... Read More

Daily Digest: Cindy McCain's Farfalle Scandal

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, April 16 2008

Cindy McCain steals recipes from the web!; Jay Rosen has it out with members of the MSM covering Bittergate; Aaron Swartz launches the excellent; a new vid pairs John McCain with George Bush, again; the ... Read More

Can We Talk? Geoff Garin Hopes So.

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, April 14 2008

Maybe now it's time for a conversation? That's why Hillary Clinton's new lead campaign strategist seems to be trying with a new email that's just out. Read More

Keeping tabs on the mobile opportunity

BY Michael Tate | Saturday, April 12 2008

The mobile phone as political communication channel orbits around the simple use of text messages (SMS). Senator Clinton uses them. Senator Barack uses them. Let's talk about the next phase. What's the future strategy ... Read More

Daily Digest: A Barack Blowout?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, April 11 2008

Because it's Friday, we bring you Bras for Hillary; Compete data shows a blowout for Barack Obama, but RealClearPolitics averages show a different story; are suffering from election fatigue?; GroundReport posts a ... Read More

Favorite Videos of the Week: The Audacity of Eminem Impressions

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, April 11 2008

It's favorite video time! Andy Cobb laments the end of Hillary's run; Obama Girl returns (again); Elton John enters U.S. politics; a conservative rapper does that really-fast-rapping thing like Eminem; and Barack Obama ... Read More

Daily Digest: Grassroots Fundraising vs. Public Financing

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, April 10 2008

NPR launches a new hub for voters to post their political stories; does Obama's fundraising model remove the need for public financing?; why do government tax sites work better than government participation sites?; ... Read More