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Daily Digest: The Next Right Gets Grassroots

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, May 8 2008

Conservative strategists team up to produce a new grassroots site for the right; some conservative bloggers are supporting Barack Obama, and some netroots bloggers are going for Clinton, while cats and dogs start living ... Read More

She's Still In, And She's Still In To Win

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, May 7 2008

Tim Russert be damned, Hillary Clinton is staying in the race. Here's an excerpt from the fundraising email her campaign just sent out (emphasis hers): Today, in every way that I know how, I am expressing my personal ... Read More

Daily Digest: Who's Got Fortitude Now?

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, May 7 2008

Hillary wins IN, loses NC, and her Viagra may be running out; the pundits have annointed Obama the presumptive nominee; but Hillary's testicular fortitude remains; Hillary loans her campaign more money, doesn't directly ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Gas Tax Gets Scammed

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, May 6 2008

Matt Stoller on how the liberals rule the web; a report on how the netroots raised $400,000 for Donna Edwards; using Twitter to track the primaries; a new pro-Obama hip-hop song hits the tubes; a faux-Gas Tax Scam; ... Read More

Daily Digest: Uncle Sid's Secret Emails

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, May 2 2008

Color of Change pushes the popular vote as the Democratic decider; a video of John McCain being asked about a calling his wife a nasty name; Sidney Blumenthal's been sending around Obama rumor emails -- will he blame the ... Read More

Favorite Videos of the Week: Gravel Challenges Obama to Fire It Up!

BY Editors | Friday, May 2 2008

Barack plays hoops, Gravel authors a dance mix, Hillary struggles with the coffee machine, and more in our weekly roundup of political video hits and misses. Read More

Daily Digest: The Online Cacophony Gets the Vanity Fair Treatment

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, May 1 2008

A fury over robo-calls in NC; Slate's history of the Democratic race; James Wolcott on the growing schism in the Democratic party; a March Madness-inspired game lets you pick McCain's running mate; wants ... Read More

YouTube Political Round-up: HIllary Has a Coffee Malfunction; McCain Behind the Scenes?; Obama Rejects and Denounces

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, April 30 2008

Some quick takes on the three campaigns' ups and downs in YouTube-land: Will Hillary Clinton's difficulties finding the rest-stop coffee machine ON button go viral? Does anyone want to go "Behind the Scenes" with John ... Read More

Daily Digest: Obama's Outreach (Or Lack Thereof)

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, April 30 2008

A North Carolina reporter/blogger sneaks into a closed Clinton event, and he feels okay about it; MoveOn the 15 finalists in its Obama in 30 Seconds contest; another contest from Project Breakout seeks to send bloggers ... Read More

Livestreaming Hillary in Indiana

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, April 29 2008

This is neat: GroundReport livestreamed Hillary Clinton's meeting with the Indianapolis Star: Read More