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Look familiar? Old campaign tool, new advocacy purpose

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, November 24 2009

SEIU's latest online health care push recycles technology from the 2008 Obama campaign, but adds a new Twitter twist. Read More

Daily Digest: Health Care's Unwelcome House Guests?

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 17 2008

Pfizer Would Like to Be Invited Over: Yeah, we probably should have seen this coming from a mile away. The Obama transition launched a series of house parties and community events to be held between now and the first of ... Read More

Daily Digest: Microfundraising Meets Conservative Community Building

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, December 9 2008

Online Right Spins Twitter Web: Republican State Assemblyman Chuck Devore of California is the subject of compelling online experiment as he attempts to unseat sitting Senator Barbara Boxer -- a Twitter-based ... Read More

Daily Digest: General Daschle Mobilizing Army for Looming Health Care Fight

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, December 4 2008

The Organizing Phase of Health Care Reform: Obama's HHS appointee Tom Daschle has taken to the transition website to respond to comments about how to cure what ails the American health landscape. But, of ... Read More