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#BringBackOurGirls: How a Hashtag Took Hold

BY Miranda Neubauer | Wednesday, May 7 2014

Comparison of #bringbackourgirls, #chibokgirls and #bringbackourdaughters hashtags (Topsy/Screengrab)

When it comes to online activist movements, such as the now infamous KONY 2012 effort, the question under discussion often ends up being to what degree online action can motivate offline action. But a close look at a new online call that has taken hold over the past weeks, #BringBackOurGirls, shows that the power of a hashtag can be in the much more complex interplay between online and offline actions that reinforce and intensify each other. Read More

What to Make of "Twitchy," Michelle Malkin's Fan for Twitter Flames

BY Nick Judd and Miranda Neubauer | Thursday, May 31 2012

The GOP new media machine tries to chase the spotlight anywhere it goes online, even going so far as to famously jump in on hashtags used by the White House or Obama campaign. It's just not clear what this exactly does for them. A case in point is Twitchy, a platform launched earlier this year by conservative commentator Michelle Malkin that picks out individual tweets to present on a website along with a few words of commentary. While it ventures into sports and culture news, its primary use seems to be to amplify the conservative hashtag wars, starting some fights and continuing others. Read More

Using Twitter to Chat About Politics, #hashtag-Style

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, July 5 2011

Want to know when to get on Twitter to chat with fellow users about such topics as community building, optimizing your conversion rates, fundraising or new developments in mobile tech and social media? Check out Twitter ... Read More

The Great, or Not So Great, 140-Character "Save My Debit Card" Debate

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, April 22 2011

ProPublica's Marian Wang makes the case that the tweeters participating in the "Save My Debit Card" campaign that was launched yesterday by a coalition of banks don't really understand the impact of the ... Read More


BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, February 10 2011

new TWTR.Widget({ version: 2, type: 'search', search: 'whymubarakislate', interval: 6000, title: '#whymubarakslate', subject: '', width: 500, height: 400, theme: { shell: { background: '#c7c3c3', color: '#ffffff' }, ... Read More

"Keith Olbermann Quit Twitter Because of Me"

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, December 17 2010

Over on Salon, Sady Doyle recounts she sparked the #mooreandme meme that seems to have driven Keith Olbermann from Twitter, at least for the moment: Read More

WaPo Buys the #Election

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, November 2 2010

First off, did you know that people can buy trending topics on Twitter? Right, yes, me too. Read More

Clearing the Cache: Creating a Memester

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, August 20 2010

Photo credit: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Read More

The FCC Tweets Its #ThirdWay Plan for Broadband

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, May 6 2010

Of important policy note is that the Federal Communications Commission just announced its plan to regulate broadband Internet as a "Title II" service, with some dialing back of its authorities on some of the ... Read More