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The Wisconsin Recall and the "Compas Effect"

BY Nick Judd | Monday, June 4 2012

Here and there in the run-up to the Wisconsin recall on June 5, we've noted the campaign of Lori Compas, a grassroots candidate who came from nowhere to challenge Republican State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald for his seat. Her campaign went from a single Facebook post to petitions to trigger a recall against him to, finally, running to oppose him. Compas' unlikely campaign will come to a head Tuesday, and win or lose it has already triggered a growing bloom of insurgent campaigns in the Wisconsin recall, according to a new profile in Mother Jones. Read More

In an Internet Age, All Politics is Local -- But All Fundraising is National

BY Colin Delany | Monday, September 27 2010

Originally published on In Saturday's AMP Summit panel discussion on effective online campaigning, fellow online politics old-timer Chris Casey made a great observation: politics may still be local, but ... Read More