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How Did A Spanish Lawmaker's First Experiment in Direct Democracy Fare?

BY Jessica McKenzie | Wednesday, September 18 2013

Screenshot of Congreso Transparente

A Spanish lawmaker reached out through the Internet to ask citizens how he should vote on Spain's new transparency bill, which was passed in parliament on September 12. Joan BaldovĂ­ promised voters he would vote along with the majority of respondents. It was the first time a Spanish politician has experimented with direct democracy.

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Her Majesty's Government Wants to Monetize Open Data

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, May 20 2013

London skyline via Wikipedia

A new paper from the chair of the U.K. government's Open Strategy Board outlines the best practices for the government's open data policies. The government-commissioned Shakespeare Review – after author Stephan Shakespeare – looks into ways to monetize open data, and recommends an all-encompassing National Data Strategy.

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SOPA: In Congress, Who's For And Who's Against, And Why? Mashing Up Public Data, Offers Suggestions

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Tuesday, January 10 2012, a project of ProPublica Developer/Journalist Dan Nguyen.

ProPublica's Dan Nguyen has put together a beautiful and amazingly useful new site that serves as a quick and easy reference point regarding who is for and against a pair of controversial online intellectual property protection bills currently speeding through Congress. Read More

California's Campaign Finance System Serves Up A Lump Of Coal To Secretary of State Debra Bowen

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, December 23 2011

Photo: Flickr/SeeWeb

The latest failure of California's campaign finance reporting system is sparking off a broader discussion about the woeful state of the state government's technological infrastructure, and its "painful" procurement processes. Read More

In Closed Bidding, Defense Contractor Gets $18M to Open Up

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, July 9 2009

We'll get the to the irony, but first the facts. ABC News' Rick Klein broke the story that a Maryland-based IT firm has been awarded a five-year contract worth a full $18 million to revamp the struggling ... Read More

"Developing Your Agency's Vision for Transparency and Open Gov" webinar on March 24th

BY W. David Stephenson | Monday, March 23 2009

Sorry for the short notice, but tomorrow at 1, EDT, Government Executive and IBM will present a free webinar, "Developing Your Agency's Vision for Transparency and Open Government." Presidents can say all they want about ... Read More

Daily Digest: Palin's Emails Breached, Broadcast

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, September 18 2008

The Web on the Candidates Nominee's Emails Go Public: You might have heard that Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's Yahoo email account was violated and its contents -- including family photos and ... Read More