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Testing New Search Tools on Government & Campaign Information

BY Sarah Granger | Wednesday, December 3 2008

Back in the day, when Yahoo! was the only search game in town, many wondered why Ask Jeeves (now, and eventually Google would attempt to break into that market. The answer continues to be the same - although ... Read More

Daily Digest: Plutocracy-Killing People-Empowered Politics?

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, October 2 2008

The Web on the Candidates Finding a Voice, Using It: Now's a good time to ask, what the heck happened with the defeat of the bailout bill on Capitol Hill on Monday? Our own Micah Sifry has an intriguing look at whether ... Read More

McCain's Folly? Botching the Chance to Define Sarah Palin

BY Nancy Scola | Saturday, August 30 2008

Upon hearing the startling news yesterday that John McCain had tapped Alaska Governor Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate, the first thing many of us in the Lower 49 did was to hustle to our computers, ... Read More

Daily Digest: Google's Blend of Searchin' and Schmoozin'

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, August 19 2008

The folks out in Mountain View jump into political waters with both feet; the Democratic fundraising hub ActBlue has raised what is technically known in the field as "gobs and gobs of cash;" we indulge our Olympic ... Read More

Daily Digest: Millennials of the World, Unite!

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, July 1 2008

Do millennials need to start strengthening their collective action muscles?; the anti-telecom immunity group on is on track to be the social-networking site's top group later this week; Wesley Clark ... Read More

Obama Spent Most of $3 Million This Year on Google

BY Kate Kaye | Friday, May 30 2008

Barack Obama's campaign spent nearly $3 million on online advertising related purchases between January and April. The biggest recipient of the Democratic Presidential hopeful's online ad dollars was Google. Read More

YouTube-Google Announce Presidential Forum

BY David All | Tuesday, April 29 2008

Today, one of the Republican Party's fastest rising stars, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, joined New Orleans Democratic Mayor Ray Nagin to announce that they are working with YouTube and Google to "bring American ... Read More

Daily Digest: Rest in Peace, Ron Paul Graphs!

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, April 7 2008

Media Matters illustrates just how many lobbyists are working on McCain's campaign; stop all political robo calls now!; folks Hillaryis44 create a 48-state flag; a kerfuffle over McCain, Obama, and Mark Warner ... Read More

Daily Digest: And It Keeps on Going

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, February 6 2008

Rounding up last night's results, explanations, and prognostications; what's CNN? Online politicos tracked the action with Twitter, Google Maps, Flickr, and YouTube instead; Hillary is favored by Microsoft employees, ... Read More

Obama Is King of Google, Duke of YouTube

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, January 7 2008

According to Google Trends, Barack Obama has been the subject of more Google searches than any other presidential candidate, and aside from Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee he blows everyone else out of the water. And he's ... Read More