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First POST: Phubbing

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, December 4 2014

How the NSA taps worldwide cellphone networks (and makes them more vulnerable); why Uber-fans should stop beating up on government; how NYC's new free Wi-Fi program might accentuate inequality; and much, much more. Read More

Beck is Back, and Online-Only

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, September 13 2011

Glenn Beck's Internet-only television network launched yesterday, Reuters reports: Beck left Fox News at the end of June -- or was forced to leave, depending on whom you ask. While at Fox, Beck drew an average of 2.2 ... Read More

Spotted: A Glenn Beck/FreedomWorks Moneybomb

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, June 23 2011

FreedomWorks is out with a moneybomb today to raise $100,000 for an "on-the-ground network needed to defeat the Left's massive political machine." Source: FreedomWorks One subject line for the email: "Help Glenn Beck and ... Read More

With "The Blaze," Beck Promises Journalism Inspired by You

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, September 1 2010

Radio, check. Television, check. Rallies down on the National Mall, check. Now Glenn Beck wants to conquer the Internet. Read More

All Tweets Are Good Tweets

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, August 31 2010

Over on Twitter, @gwynnek critiques my post on social media's contribution to the Glenn Beckification of the news cycle by saying that it was only half the story, given that much of what people were saying on social ... Read More

Real-Time Search and the Glenn Beck News Effect

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, August 30 2010

As I slowly wended my way back from vacation in yesterday, I was struck by the knowledge that while I was relaxing in the regions of Cape Cod where, blissfully, AT&T's cell networks don't reach, Glenn Beck had just ... Read More

Demand for Glenn Beck Taking Off on

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, November 30 2009

Just over a week ago, Fox News host Glenn Beck announced that he would be rolling out a series of "educational conventions" to be held around the country starting in Orlando, Florida, next spring on March 27 at the UCF ... Read More