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"We're Not Just the Internet"

BY Editors | Friday, January 18 2008

Last weekend, tourists in Las Vegas were greeted by the sight of Ron Paul supporters parading down the Strip, chanting: We’re not just the Internet.  We’re flesh and blood. Could this serve as the motto ... Read More

Obama's Fundraising Juggernaut

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, January 16 2008

Barack Obama sent out an email this afternoon making a bold claim: his campaign has raised money from 100,000 online donors since the beginning of the year. That’s darn impressive, and it looks like Barack Obama ... Read More

A Tidal Wave Ahead?

BY Editors | Tuesday, January 8 2008

The campaign that begins tomorrow, with expensive states like Florida and South Carolina coming before the “Tsunami Tuesday” of February 5th, will require millions in staff, direct mail, and television advertising. ... Read More

John Edwards Has Raised $1 Million Online Since Iowa

BY Colin Delany | Monday, January 7 2008

John Edwards has raised $1 million online since the Iowa caucuses, which is the fastest it has raised that amount since the campaign began. Read More

The Power of Flashmob Fundraising

BY Editors | Monday, November 5 2007

Ever since Ron Paul's campaign decided to take a risk in the fourth quarter and make all fundraising data immediately public and broadcast live using a real-time, open-source approach, his fundraising has been on ... Read More

I Wouldn't Give E-mail All the Credit

BY Editors | Sunday, October 21 2007

Patrick Ruffini is breaking out the digital champagne seeing trouble from e-mail for Republicans as Obama raises 1.8 Million in a new appeal to voters. Ruffini gives three e-mails sent from the campaign credit. Not to be ... Read More

How to Raise $1.8M in 3 Days

BY Patrick Ruffini | Friday, October 19 2007

Republicans need to understand what's happening here. This $1.85 million fundraising haul (and counting) is the result of just three emails sent by the Obama campaign. It's more than Mike Huckabee raised last ... Read More

Inside Ron Paul Nation

BY Patrick Ruffini | Monday, October 15 2007

Ron Paul's supporters have provided a measure of radical transparency into his fundraising that would make most political operatives suffer heart failure. Going well beyond the now-passe end-of-quarter fundraising "bat," ... Read More

Ron Paul's $5M a Wake Up Call

BY Patrick Ruffini | Wednesday, October 3 2007

It looks like I was only a little early in my prediction of a Ron Paul $4 million quarter. In a quarter when non-Hillary fundraising bottomed out, Ron Paul has shown Republicans that there is a price to be paid for not ... Read More

Giuliani and Obama's House Party Fundraiser Webcasts

BY Colin Delany | Thursday, September 20 2007

A little bird dropped something off via email the other day that I thought you guys might be interested in — it's a new twist on the classic political house party fundraiser. Read More