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#SupportJapan: Thou Shall Not Build Traffic from Tragedy

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, March 15 2011

Is this really bad corporate social media behavior? Or an overheated enforecement by the Twitter police of unformed norms? After pushback, the folks behind Microsoft's Bing apologized for offering to contribute up to ... Read More

Dems' Money Infrastructure Gets a Wisconsin Workout

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, March 10 2011

Protestors gathered in Madison, March 6th; photo by antrover. The standoff in Wisconsin is putting the left's online organizing infrastructure through its paces. Read More

'Tis the Fundraising Season

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, December 21 2010

Blue State Digital's Lauren Miller offers lessons learned from trying to maximize the end-of-year fundraising that some organizations have come to rely upon. The highlights (though click through for Miller's fleshing out ... Read More

What Are the Costs, and Benefits, of Networked Giving?

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, December 20 2010

Over on the New York Times, Stephanie Strom digs into the new suite of networked charitable giving platforms like Jumo, Facebook Causes, and Causecast. Is there added value in blending a networked, social approach to ... Read More

Jumo's Goal: Advancing Online Do-Gooding Beyond the "Big Red Donate Button"

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, November 30 2010

A look inside Jumo HQ; photo credit: Jumo. Read More

Field, Meet Fundraising: Inside the Merger of Two of the Left's Powerhouse Data Firms

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, November 11 2010

Left to be worked out in the merger of VAN and NGP: "Whether Lefty the donkey, NGP’s current mascot will continue in his position, or be replaced by a new mascot, Lefty driving a VAN." Photo credit: Mike ... Read More

Email Watch: Tea Partiers Fundraise for a "Hose in the Mouth" of Opponents

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, October 29 2010

Wow, with our days to go, the gloves are officially off. An email comes in from the Tea Party Patriots. (Which one are they, again?) The subject line: "Total Annihilation." And the time for mincing words has ... Read More

Sunlight's Do-It-Yourself Direct Mail

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, October 25 2010

Here's your chance to get into the direct mail business. Read More

Obama's Google Base

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, October 22 2010

One ripple effect of Google's rather astounding growth over the last few years: it makes the people who got in on the ground floor likely potential political resources. Marissa Mayer, 35 years-old and one of Google's ... Read More