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Africa in Flux: How Urbanization and Digital Technology are Changing a Continent

BY Lisa Goldman | Monday, September 24 2012

SMS in Kampala, Ungada (photo: Future Atlas/Flickr )

A new report details the ways in which urbanization and mobile technology are driving profound change in Africa. Read More

Bringing News to Sub-Saharan Africa Via SMS and Dial-to-Listen Programs

BY Lisa Goldman | Friday, August 3 2012

Deutsche Welle has figured out how to disseminate the news in developing regions with low literacy rates and little access to electricity. The German media group launched a project that takes advantage of the high penetration of mobile phones in rural sub-Saharan Africa to delivers news via over-the-phone voice technology. All it takes to access the news programs is a simple mobile phone - no Internet access necessary. Users call a number to access Learning by Ear, an education show that broadcasts 10-minute segments on a variety of subjects ranging from health to politics. The cost is less than an ordinary phone call. Read More

In Rural Developing Regions, Free Software Turns Simple Mobile Phones into Tools of Advancement

BY Lisa Goldman | Friday, July 27 2012

How Freedom Fone can help in crisis management (source: Freedom Fone)

A simple open-source telephony platform offers to bring communications networks to developing nations where literacy is low and Internet access limited. Freedom Fone is free software that enables organizations to create voice-activated communications networks. In regions where simple mobile phones are more common than toilets, let alone Internet access, Freedom Fone can be used to access, share and report information. Read More