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First POST: "Who Watches?"

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, January 8 2014

The Obama administration won't release a legal memo giving the FBI warrantless spying powers; one of the 1971 burglars who exposed FBI domestic spying back then explains her actions; cops use social media to catch gangs; cops get caught on social media defrauding the taxpayer; and much, much more. Read More

When Big Data Yields Disappointing Results

BY Nick Judd | Friday, February 24 2012

The Associated Press' Kelli Kennedy reports that an expensive and newfangled computer system designed to prevent fraudulent Medicare payments has yielded disappointing results.

The congressionally mandated, $77 million system was built by Northrum Grumman and a group of other companies, Kennedy reports, and has yielded a savings of $7,591 so far after flagging 2,500 leads and 600 suspicious cases.

Read More

Watching Them Watching You?

BY Nick Judd | Friday, April 22 2011

GovTech reports that the City of Philadelphia has launched an iPhone and iPad app to report suspected fraud or waste of taxpayer dollars: Developed in-house, primarily through the efforts of Brian Dries, director of ... Read More