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Messages for the President-Elect, a Thousand Words at a Time

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, November 20 2008

The Guardian UK has collected a hundreds of striking photo messages to Barack Obama on their Deadline USA blog. All it took was setting up a Flickr group and invite people share their thoughts in photo form. More than ... Read More

McCain vs Obama: How the Meta-Data Stacks Up

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, October 13 2008

You can look up the hard numbers of "friends" each campaign has on Facebook or MySpace here on techPresident, and you can track the ups and downs of the candidates on the blogs, or see how their web traffic is doing. But ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Wikipedia Primary

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, March 6 2008

Mark Glaser interviews Patrick Ruffini; Rolling Stone glowingly investigates Obama's grassroots game; Mike Connery at TPMCafe; who's winning the Wikipedia primary?; Flickr for Good launches; and the candidates do some, ... Read More

Daily Digest: And It Keeps on Going

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, February 6 2008

Rounding up last night's results, explanations, and prognostications; what's CNN? Online politicos tracked the action with Twitter, Google Maps, Flickr, and YouTube instead; Hillary is favored by Microsoft employees, ... Read More

TechPresident Officially Launches

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, February 12 2007

Welcome to our new group blog on how the presidential campaigns are using the web, and how the web is using them, This blog is an extension of Personal Democracy Forum, our online zine and annual ... Read More