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Philadelphia Police Commissioner Says: Don't Call Riots 'Flash Mobs'

BY Nick Judd | Friday, August 12 2011

Walk into the right church, apparently, and you hear Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter excoriate young black people for the violence that is making some residents of his city afraid to go downtown at night. But while ... Read More

Cleveland City Council Seeks to Ban Flash Mobs

BY Nick Judd | Friday, July 29 2011

Last week, the city of Cleveland, Ohio made it illegal moved to make it illegal to organize "flash mobs" within city limits: Cleveland Councilman Zack Reed wants a good crowd when George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic ... Read More

Pirates Board European Politics: The Internet's First Political Party

BY Antoni Gutierrez-Rubi | Thursday, October 15 2009

Founded in Sweden on 1st January 2006, the Pirate Party (Piratpartiet) now boasts more than 45,000 members, making it the third largest Swedish political force in number of affiliates. This rapid growth is due in part to ... Read More