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Talk Into The Big Red Ear and the Seoul City Gov't Will Listen

BY Jessica McKenzie | Wednesday, October 2 2013

This is not 'Yobosayo' but it's not too far off. (Glamhag/flickr)

A giant red ear-shaped sculpture has been installed outside of Seoul's City Hall, symbolizing the Mayor and his administration's openness to public opinion and feedback. But citizens who approach the art installation will find that it is more than a symbol. The sculpture is actually facilitating a conversation between ordinary citizens and their government.

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YOUROWNDEMOCRACY.ORG: Democracy's Online Feedback Loop

BY Editors | Monday, November 17 2008

(Gong Szeto is a Sante Fe-based designer and inventor whose recent submission [pdf] to the 2008 Buckminster Fuller Challenge sparked our interest. We're thrilled to have an abbreviated version of his submission posted ... Read More's Blog Shows Signs of Feedback Loop

BY Nancy Scola | Sunday, November 16 2008

In the beginning, the blog on looked like entirely neutered version of what passes for a blog looks in the rest of the world. Soulless early posts like "President-Elect Obama...Calls for 'Swift Action' on ... Read More