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Rudy and the Diplomats

BY | Thursday, January 24 2008

Dear Politickr,

On October 23, 1995, Mayor Giuliani hosted a private concert for the United Nations' 50th anniversary. All of the world's leaders were invited except two: Fidel Castro and Yasser Arafat. Unlike Castro, Arafat decided to attend anyways and was swiftly asked to leave by Mayor Giuliani. 
The uproar was deafening and a State Department spokesman - Nicholas Burns - scolded, "We don't think this is right. (Arafat) is the leader of the Palestinian people, and he is negotiating peace with Israel. He should be given the respect and dignity and hospitality in the United States that the leader of the Palestinian people deserves." 
To which Rudy replied, "I would not invite Arafat to anything, anywhere, anytime, anyplace ... I would rather not have someone who has been implicated in the murders of Americans there." 
It is this kind of moral clarity and determination to confront terrorists and dictators that gives me confidence Rudy Giuliani is best prepared and best suited to be the next President of the United States. 
America and Israel are entering a dangerous time. Iran's nuclear program is advancing by stealth, Osama bin Laden is still at large (and has threatened Israel), Hezbollah is rearmed, and Palestinian terrorists control Gaza. We need the right man is in the White House. 

That man is Rudy Giuliani. Alone among the candidates, he sees the entire picture. In that picture, Israel is America's most reliable ally in a critical front in the terrorists' relentless war against us. It speaks volumes that he has chosen, as his senior Middle East adviser, someone who has lived in Israel for over 25 years. That someone is me, and I answered his call precisely because only Rudy understands the full convergence of U.S. and Israeli interests. This goes beyond support for Israel: Rudy embraces Israel as a member of America's family. To any informed American voter who cares deeply about the security and well-being of Israel, Rudy Giuliani is an obvious choice. 
Rudy has always stood on the right side of these issues - and now he needs you to stand with him. Click here to learn more about Rudy's record on these issues, and once you do, please pass along the link to your friends and family. You can also donate to the campaign: please click here to give $25, $50, $100, $250 or $500 as part of our Drive2Five effort for Rudy. Ask your friends to visit as well and sign up to join the team or make a contribution. 
Thank you again for your help and support for Rudy. 
Martin Kramer
Shalem Center
Jerusalem, Israel 

P.S. -- For those of you in the Sunshine State, click here for a map of Rudy's destination and list of town hall events. 

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