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Daily Digest, 2/12/07

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, February 12 2007

Social network scholar Fred Stutzman takes a look at Barack Obama's new social networking site and how all candidates should view social networking sites: "Companies like Youtube and Myspace succeeded because they ... Read More

2008: The Daily Digest, 2/1/07

BY Matt Ortega | Thursday, February 1 2007

Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) launched his presidential campaign, via web video, in a hail of controversy regarding comments he made in reference to fellow Democrat, Senator Barack Obama (IL). Within hours, the audio of his ... Read More

2008: Who's Ahead Online (Ds-Week Two)

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, January 29 2007

It's been a busy week in the 2008 presidential campaign--Hillary Clinton launched her online "conversation" (see David Weinberger's spot-on critique) and went to Iowa; John Edwards also did an online video web-chat that ... Read More