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Nationwide, States Seeking "Facebook Laws" for Teachers and Students

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, December 21 2011

In case you missed it, Jen Preston at the New York Times does the national trend story that was inevitable in the aftermath of the Missouri "Facebook law" fight. Read More

Missouri Lawmakers Take a Step Back on 'Facebook Law'

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, September 13 2011

The Missouri Senate has given initial approval to a revision of that state's so-called "Facebook Law" that rolls back a measure prohibiting teachers from having private online communications with students, the Associated ... Read More

Judge Blocks Missouri 'Facebook Law' From Taking Effect, AP Reports

BY Nick Judd | Friday, August 26 2011

A new Missouri law banning private conversations between teachers and students has been blocked from taking effect, the Associated Press reports: The law limiting teacher-student conversations through social networking ... Read More

'Facebook Law' Violates Rights, Missouri Teachers Argue In Lawsuit

BY Nick Judd | Monday, August 22 2011

The Missouri State Teachers Association filed a lawsuit Friday that argues a new Missouri law, banning private communication between teachers and students on social media, violates free speech and other rights, Reuters ... Read More

Teachers Say Missouri 'Facebook Law' Stops Them From Doing Their Jobs

BY Nick Judd | Friday, August 5 2011

Missouri teachers are up in arms about a new state law that prohibits them from connecting with students on social networks: The new law forbids teachers from having "exclusive access" online with current students or ... Read More