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A Man, an Icon, a Message: Milton Glaser v. Climate Change Skeptics

BY Jessica McKenzie | Wednesday, August 6 2014


Can an icon save us from catastrophic climate change? That is the hope behind a new campaign launched last month by Milton Glaser, the designer who created the “I (heart) NY” logo. The campaign seeks to derail the current climate change “debate” in favor of a stronger message: “It's not warming it's dying.” To accompany that message, Glaser created a starkly simple icon of a green circle nearly entirely eclipsed by a black shadow.

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The Expanding Reach of China's Crowdsourced Environmental Monitoring Site, Danger Maps

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, April 21 2014

Last week billionaire businessman Jack Ma, founder of the e-commerce company Alibaba, appealed to his “500 million-strong army” of consumers to help monitor water quality in China. Inexpensive testing kits sold through his company can be used to measure pH, phosphates, ammonia, and heavy metal levels, and then the data can be uploaded via smartphone to the environmental monitoring site Danger Maps. Although the initiative will push the Chinese authorities' tolerance for civic engagement and activism, Ethan Zuckerman has high hopes for “monitorial citizenship” in China.

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Crowdsourced "Danger Maps" Track Air, Soil and Water Pollution in China

BY Jessica McKenzie | Friday, June 14 2013

Sunset in the smog, Shanghai, China (Suicup/Wikipedia)

Chinese citizens are exposing sources of pollution and other environmental problems by contributing to the partially crowdsourced website 'Danger Maps'. So far, the Chinese government is letting them get away with it.

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In Jakarta, Open Environmental Data Meets Freedom of Information Law

BY David Eaves | Friday, May 10 2013

At a recent meeting of environmental advocates, a new idea emerged: that open access to environmental data should become an international standard. David Eaves writes that this is a signal that the open data movement is growing up. Read More

How DIY Science Is Solving Ecological Mysteries In New York City

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, August 25 2011

Aerial imagery via Public Laboratory The folks at Public Laboratory recently showed off the latest frontier in DIY citizen science: infrared aerial imagery. These images aren't just for show. A mix of volunteers, ... Read More

Enviro Websites and the Big Spill: Continuing the Debate

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, June 24 2010

Many thanks to Josh Nelson for taking the time to dig further into the available data about web traffic to environmental organization sites. His response to my earlier post makes several excellent points. Read More

re: The Big Spill and Enviro Web Traffic [Guest Post]

BY Editors | Tuesday, June 22 2010

Josh Nelson is a blogger, activist and new media consultant. We're pleased to host his commentary here on the blog. -- the editors Read More

The Big Spill and the Enviro Group of Ten: Why Isn't Their Web Traffic Surging?

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, June 18 2010

On April 20, the news broke of an explosion on BP's Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Since then, public attention has steadily risen as the spill has spread, and people are definitely going online in ... Read More