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D.C. Staff Moves: Jordan Raynor Leaves Engage

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, July 12 2012

Today is Jordan Raynor's last day at the right-leaning digital communications firm Engage, he announced in an email to friends. Raynor is leaving digital politics to join LifeSync, a technology product shop in Tampa, Fla. He's also working on his own venture, Citizinvestor, an as-yet-unlaunched platform for crowdsourcing citizen donations to specific projects. Citizinvestor is a finalist in Code for America's Civic Accelerator program. Read More

With New Facebook App, The Search For The Radiohead Republican Is On

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, April 19 2012

Engage and the Winston Group launched "Trendsetter" Thursday, an app that seeks to help pollsters discover key voter attributes.

A Republican polling firm and interactive agency launched a new Facebook app on Thursday that they hope will enable Republicans to get information on voters who are disappearing from the radar screens of traditional pollsters. The new app, called Trendsetter, enables its users to measure their influence on Facebook, and to answer polling questions related to politics, linking the cultural attributes of those users to their political leanings. Of course it's a social application, so users will be able to compare their results to those of their friends. Read More

As Mayors Check In to Foursquare, Checking Out Their Transparency

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, November 23 2011

Earlier this week, Tampa, Fla. Mayor Bob Buckhorn announced he was joining Foursquare, to the expected sound of ink hitting newsprint. Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York and Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago are already ... Read More

'People Talking About' Candidates on Facebook, Quantified

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, October 12 2011

Over at Engage, their Patrick Ruffini writes that they've started tracking Facebook's new "People Talking About" metric for every Republican candidate for president: A quick note: Any measure of Internet buzz — be it ... Read More

Rebuilding Through Bombs: Scott Brown's One-Day, One Million Dollar (Plus) Haul

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, January 12 2010

The Massachusetts Senate seat up for grabs in next week's suddenly very exciting special election has leading Republicans gearing up their online operations on behalf of Republican candidate Scott Brown, who is ... Read More