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[BackChannel] Why You Should Test (Almost) Everything

BY Benjamin Simon and Jim Pugh | Monday, May 6 2013

In this post for Backchannel, veteran Democratic Party online campaigners Jim Pugh and Benjamin Simon argue that the "analyze everything" approach to advocacy — newly popular after Obama for America 2012 — has its limits. Read More

Adventures in Email

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, March 31 2011

The New Organizing Institute has just released a set of research results from years of experiments in optimizing email open rates: Over the last two years, we’ve partnered with a half-dozen progressive advocacy groups ... Read More

The Importance of Being Important

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, September 13 2010

You might recall that we've entertained the question of how Gmail's new algorithm-driven and human-trained priority inbox might shape the world of email activism. Brave New Films' Robert Greenwald hits their email list ... Read More

Health Reformers Gather For "Virtual March" on DC

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, February 23 2010

It's been quite a 2010, hasn't it? From the Scott Brown upset in Massachusetts, setting Republican hearts aflutter everywhere; to the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision, upsetting small-d democrats and setting off ... Read More