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PdF2008: Edwards, Lessig, Zittrain, Pesce Keynotes Are Up on

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, July 2 2008

The first videos of plenary sessions from "Personal Democracy Forum 2008: Rebooting the System" are now available on our channel at Now playing: Elizabeth (and John) Edwards, Lawrence Lessig, ... Read More

PdF 2008: Elizabeth (and John) Edwards Drop in on the Conference via Skype Video

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, June 26 2008

Here's the clip of Andrew Rasiej interviewing Elizabeth Edwards at home via Skype video Monday at PdF2008, when John Edwards happens to drop in. They discuss the impact of the Internet on politics 2008. Edwards says it's ... Read More

Daily Digest: PdF '08 Day Two -- Power Corrupts. PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely.

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, June 24 2008

This second and final day of Personal Democracy Forum '08 saw the presentations from the likes of John Zittrain, Larry Lessig, Mark Pesce, and many others; the launch of a new universal broadband initiative; that ... Read More

Daily Digest: Hillary Conveys That "Conversation" Feeling

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, April 15 2008

Voto Latino and Sí TV team up to produce a citizen journalism contest called Crash the Parties; Wonkette is sold, memories are triggered; Steve Johnson compares ants to politics; more on Mayhill Fowler, the citizen ... Read More

Daily Digest: 10/23/07

BY Joshua Levy | Tuesday, October 23 2007

The Politico launches a young voter-themed sub-site; Debate Porridge calls the campaigns on a Saturday and finds that most of them aren't working; interesting numbers about the effectiveness of campaigns' web ... Read More

Daily Digest: 10/3/07

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, October 3 2007

Slate writers on the glories of Google Suggest; James Kotecki officially joins the Politico; are DailyKos' traffic numbers artificially inflated by Sitemeter?; the lack of social conservatives online; techPresident is ... Read More

Best Political Web Videos of the Week

BY Editors | Friday, September 28 2007

It’s that time again when we take a look at our favorite political videos of the week. Some are produced by the campaigns, some are about the campaigns, and some have nothing to do with the campaigns. But in our ... Read More

Daily Digest: 9/17/07

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, September 17 2007

Wikipedia and the candidates; Jane Hamsher sends an open letter to Elizabeth Edwards; Fred Thompson's website a hit with older men; tracking candidates' buzz? Here's five sites that can help; John McCain suggest that ... Read More

Daily Digest: 8/30/07

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, August 30 2007

The first Modern Media Strategies workshop is judged a success; and announce a partnership that will expand the media's coverage of 2008; Ron Paul launches a contest asking Meetup supporters to ... Read More