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England's Fiasco: Open Government Data Done Wrong

BY Wendy M. Grossman | Monday, April 21 2014

Screengrab from Paul Bernal's parody of the "Downfall" video

Given the power to open up access to public health data in legislation passed in 2012, the governing health authority ordered into being at the end of 2013, and distributed information leaflets in January 2014. Unfortunately, the process has been confused by conflicting promises of protecting personal information and expanding commercial access. The resulting furor, which has seen the program delayed for six months for a rethink, has seriously damaged public trust in how the English National Health Service (NHS) intends to manage the country's medical data. Wendy M. Grossman explains what went wrong. Read More

Cash Starts Rolling for the Electronic Health Records Switch

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, August 20 2009

One undernoticed detail in the health care debate is that part of the Obama vision is going to come to pass no matter what Congress legislates, or doesn't, this fall. About $20 billion to transition the U.S. to ... Read More

Electronic Health Records: Avoiding eVoting's Mistakes

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, July 24 2009

Sometimes I like to imagine that there's some far off land where words scamper about like ponies. And somewhere in that magical land, there's some configuration of word/ponies that makes the subject of negotiations over ... Read More

Aneesh Chopra's Not-So-Grueling Day on Capitol Hill

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, May 20 2009

NextGov's Aliya Sternstein has really been doing some tremendous reporting about the nitty-gritty of the DC tech and policy scene. In her latest report, Sternstein tells of a rather airy Senate confirmation hearing for ... Read More

Obama: Champion of Interoperability

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, April 10 2009

Obama has been making big news today for calling for something rather geeky: interoperability between the Defense Department's electronic health records system and the Department of Veterans Affairs' much praised VistA ... Read More