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Ambient Civic Literacy

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, November 1 2010

Some of the Google homepage's precious real estate has today been given over to connecting people to the Voting Information Project's new polling place data set that we've been talking about over the last week. Read More

Democrats Dabble in Behavioral Vote Nudging

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, November 1 2010

Organizing for America is making a deal with supporters: tell us when you're planning to go and vote, and we'll remind you to actually do it. Read More

Step One: Figure Out Who's on the Ballot

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, October 29 2010

Amazing as it can be to believe, it can often be extraordinarily difficult for people to figure out, come election day, who's actual going to appear on their ballot. It's a tough way to run a democracy. Into that breach ... Read More

Foursquare Goes to the Polls (Updated with Delicious Polling Place Data Tie-In)

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, October 27 2010

Geo-social platform Foursquare gets an "I Voted" badge and check-in visualizer, reports Politico's Morning Tech: Read More

Historic Achievements in U.S. Polling Place Plotting

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, October 25 2010

Photo credit: Heather Katsoulis Read More

Raiding the Genius Bar for Poll Workers

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, October 25 2010

Just barely more than a week to election day, and the Election Assistance Commission, the tiny body created by the 2002 Help America Vote Act to figure out how to save American elections, is out with a curious press ... Read More

Mobile's Role in Electing Labor's Next Big Leader

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, June 28 2010

Photo Credit: Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Read More

Protecting Elections with Cereal. Yes, Cereal.

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 20 2010

Credit: frontlineblogger Read More

The Blogger as Politician

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, March 4 2010

The New York Times' Ross Douthat riffs off of Mickey Kaus's plan to challenge Barbara Boxer in California's Democratic Senate primary to consider why more bloggers don't run for office: Read More