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The Internet, the Ballot Box and the Russian Presidency

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, December 6 2011

In Moscow today, protesters took to the streets for a second day of demonstrations over Russian elections on Sunday that were marred by widespread reports of fraud and attempts to suppress election monitoring — ... Read More

An Ode to New York State's Voting Information Mess

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, December 1 2011

Ari Spool at Impose explains, without quite meaning to, why things like TurboVote exist: Oh, you don't live in East Amherst, NY? Then maybe you don't even HAVE to vote this year! Just kidding. There are things for ... Read More

Egyptians Look Online to Find and Share Elections Information

BY Miranda Neubauer | Tuesday, November 29 2011

Elections in Egypt Monday and Tuesday are, according to reports, turning out to be troubling in troubling times: Citizens are reporting lax electioneering rules and little accountability at polling places, in an ... Read More

VoterTide Shows Political Professionals, The Public Which Conversations And Stories "Have Legs" On Social Networks

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Wednesday, November 16 2011

In the last days stretching up to Massachusetts' special senate election in January 2010, some shadowy conservative group unleashed a negative "Twitter Bomb" messaging campaign against Democratic candidate Martha ... Read More

The Europe Roundup: The (Fake) Tweet That Changed the Election

BY Antonella Napolitano | Monday, November 7 2011

Ireland | The (Fake) Tweet That Changed the Election Last week, the people of Ireland elected Michael Higgins as president. Until a week before the elections, Higgins, a poet and former minister of arts, had been ... Read More

A Polish Twitter Election

BY Antonella Napolitano | Tuesday, September 27 2011

Polish parliamentary elections will take place next October 9th. Here's the account of what is happening online thanks to Michal Kolanko, a political reporter specializing in online politics in Poland. His personal ... Read More

Argentine Vote Watch Effort Crowd-Scours Primary Election Results

BY Nick Judd | Wednesday, August 24 2011

In Argentina, a group of citizens are distributing the work of poring through election records from Sunday's first national primary election — and finding no shortage of irregularities. Pablo Mancini, writing in ... Read More

The Europe Roundup: Is a Twitter Interview Enough to Engage People?

BY Antonella Napolitano | Friday, July 29 2011

Spain | Spanish elections: is a Twitter interview enough to engage people? Earlier today Prime Minister Zapatero called early elections in Spain, which are now set for November 20th). The situation is troubled. The ... Read More

In Wisconsin, Savvy Organizing Online, But Not Much Marketing

BY Nick Judd | Friday, July 15 2011

Writing for ClickZ Politics, Kate Kaye takes a look at the online action — or lack thereof — around the Wisconsin recall effort. In the wake of the Wisconsin state legislature's passage of a controversial ... Read More

On Social Media for Elections

BY Nick Judd | Friday, June 17 2011

In a year when social media seemed to usher some election laws towards obsolescence in Canada, the U.S. Election Assistance Commission is now now live-streaming a day-long roundtable discussion on social media for ... Read More