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No Tweeting Election Results in Canada

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 19 2011

A thought experiment: Imagine living in a country where the government made it a crime to report on election results, where the state actually imposed a nationwide media blackout to prevent people at one end of the ... Read More

Taking a Deep Breath Over Google Supposedly Sending People to the Wrong Polling Places

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, November 4 2010

Google's polling-place look-up tool used Voting Information Project data to point people to where they needed to go to cast a ballot. A Google spokesperson says that a few million people used the tool on and before this ... Read More

Foursquare Goes to the Polls (Updated with Delicious Polling Place Data Tie-In)

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, October 27 2010

Geo-social platform Foursquare gets an "I Voted" badge and check-in visualizer, reports Politico's Morning Tech: Read More

Fixing Voting One Tweet at a Time

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, April 21 2010

Jacob Soboroff has posted video of our panel session yesterday at the 140 Character Conference on what one might do with social media and other tech to address flaws in the way America votes (and doesn't vote). Also up ... Read More

Protecting Elections with Cereal. Yes, Cereal.

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, April 20 2010

Credit: frontlineblogger Read More