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Looking to Tech for Help With Life After the Voting Rights Act

BY Nick Judd and Miranda Neubauer | Wednesday, July 10 2013

(Jesse Kriss/Speakerdeck)

With a key section of the Voting Rights Act struck down by the Supreme Court, some states, cities and counties might have new election laws and rapid voting policy changes to look forward to. These are exactly the kind of things that created some of the confusion that beleaguered the 2012 election. In 2012, though, activists were able to clear the fog for some voters by getting them the information they needed online and through SMS. Now, they're looking to the tech tools of last year as they plan for the future. Read More

Grayson asks Holder to investigate spoof PAC

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, December 23 2009

Florida's colorful Democratic Representative Alan Grayson isn't finding to laugh at in a spoof of his website. Grayson has sent a complaint to U.S. Read More