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In Online Videos, Voters See More Election News Than Ads, Survey Finds

BY Nick Judd | Friday, November 2 2012

When it comes to online video this election season, the power of a friend's recommendation is far outstripping the power of the campaign dollar, a Pew Internet & American Life survey finds. According to Pew data released today, American voters are more likely to be recommended a video from a friend or to watch a video with election news than to encounter a video political ad — even as campaigns post many of their ad spots to their YouTube channels. Read More

In Ohio, Obama's Campaign "Dashboard" a Hard Sell for Some Volunteers

BY Nick Judd and Nataliya Nedzhvetskaya | Friday, August 10 2012

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers: TechPresident took a look at how volunteers in the key swing state of Ohio are using Dashboard, the Obama campaign's online organizing hub. While volunteers are signing up at a steady pace, some of the volunteers who signed up for the platform are waiting in vain for someone to connect them with the campaign. Others, already comfortable with campaign techniques they developed in 2008 or earlier, or uncomfortable with technology, are largely ignoring Dashboard. Read More

Why Mitt Romney is Finding Fans in Silicon Valley

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Tuesday, July 3 2012

President Barack Obama does better than Mitt Romney in Silicon Valley in terms of fundraising and support, to be sure. But Internet businesspeople are still businesspeople, and some of them say that Romney — by pursuing the economic policies he's outlined on the campaign trail — would be a better president for the American tech sector. Read More

Democrats Create "Unlikeable" Romney Facebook Timeline for Video

BY Miranda Neubauer | Wednesday, May 30 2012

The Democratic National Committee has released a video that constructs its own version of Mitt Romney's Facebook timeline. Using the motto "Little to Like," it's a "celebration" of Romney officially winning enough delegates for his nomination. Read More

Is the Internet Running Out of Political Ad Space?

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, May 29 2012

Highly targeted ads may be in shorter supply than one might think. Photo: Shutterstock

Exclusively for Personal Democracy Plus subscribers: Online politics consultants say that as a growing number of campaigns are buying television ads in advance, looking to get ahead of what is expected to be fierce competition for ad inventory closer to the general elections, something similar is happening online.

That consultants are doing the same with some types of online ads may seem counterintuitive at first, given that online advertising inventory is plentiful. But it seems that the online advertising inventory campaigns want most — targeted preroll ads on YouTube, geotargeted display advertising on news sites and other major traffic hubs, and even ads placed against some Google search terms — is in short enough supply to drive at least some advance purchases as well. This is a fact of life that online politics consultants say the fastest-moving organizations are just now learning, driven from experience gained the hard way during the primary campaign in this election cycle.

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We're All Journalists, Indeed: Obama Campaign Guests Checked Mobile Phones at the Door

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, May 15 2012

Zeke Miller at Buzzfeed, studiously reading pool reports from President Barack Obama's recent campaign fundraisers, catches something: the Obama campaign, per Washington Post pooler David Nakamura, appears to be collecting mobile phones from event attendees at the door, and storing them in plastic bags. At least, that was the case at a Monday event in New York City.

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Romney Campaign Targets Obama's Barnard Commencement Speech With Google Ads

BY Miranda Neubauer | Monday, May 14 2012


New York City area web users looking for details about Barnard College's Commencement Ceremony, where President Barack Obama gave the Commencement Address earlier this afternoon, are also likely to have encountered a targeted ad calling out "Obama's Wasteful Spending" on Mitt Romney's website, as Emily Schultheis from Politico first reported. While she suggested it was targeted at only the zip code where the college is located on Manhattan's Upper West Side, it also showed up on a search for a zip code located in Queens, while accessing the Internet from Lower Manhattan. But it did not show up for an Internet user located outside the New York area. Read More

In Case You Blinked In the Last Two Hours, Here's Why Romney, Obama, and Cookies Have Anything in Common

BY Miranda Neubauer and Nick Judd | Thursday, April 19 2012

Regularly coordinating a new line of attack every day goes back at least as far as the George H.W. Bush-Michael Dukakis campaign of 1988. This year, though, the battle over the message of the day moves so fast as to cause whiplash for anyone who tries to look too closely. Although any political observer is likely able to point to many examples over the past year, it seems like the speed with which these things spin into and out of public view has been steadily increasing. Read More

Gingrich Savvy On Facebook, Says Company's Political Team

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Monday, December 12 2011

Current Republican presidential race frontrunner Newt Gingrich's Facebook's page is "a great example of providing many ways for supporters to get involved," according to Facebook's political team. Read More