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First POST: Monkeying

BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, January 22 2015

Net neutrality proponents call foul on the GOP's plans; seeks to be the right's; tons of civic tech news from mySociety, Chicago and Civic Hall in NYC; and much, much more. Read More

Eben Moglen Says a Decentralized Internet is Key for a Democratic Future

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, May 5 2011

In the Guardian, Eben Moglen writes that the press-as-institution is doomed, and seems to argue that the continuation of democracy depends on a decentralized Internet built on free software: Now, the vast interconnection ... Read More

Believable Change: A Reality Check on Online Participation

BY Jed Miller | Monday, October 26 2009

Reposted from "Increasing Citizen Engagement in Government," the Fall 2009 newsletter from the Center for Intergovernmental Solutions, an office of the General Services Administration. To be effective, Internet ... Read More