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New Report Highlights Digital Revolution in Disaster Response

BY Jessica McKenzie | Friday, November 1 2013

Hurricane Sandy (Wikipedia)

The World Disasters Report 2013, released earlier in October, evaluates the way technology can aid in disaster response. The report states that it is “essential—and inescapable” that humanitarian action become more technological but it also warns humanitarian organizations not to rely too heavily on technology because it can exclude those without access to it.

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How Do You Prepare For A Disaster That Could Kill More Than 300,000 People?

BY Jessica McKenzie | Tuesday, September 3 2013

Aerial view of damage to Wakuya, Japan, following 2011 earthquake (U.S. Navy/Flickr)

An earthquake in the Nankai Trough, off of the southern coast of Japan's Honshu Island, could kill up to 323,000 people and cause ¥220 trillion (US$2.21 trillion) in damages. Or at least, those are the worst case scenario projections by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Disaster Prevention Council. To prepare for the potential calamity, the Japanese government is building an electronic mapping system in advance of the potential earthquake.

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Phone App Helps Locate People in Disaster Zones

BY Lisa Goldman | Thursday, October 4 2012

Image from Earthquake Buddy

An Australian mobile phone app developer has produced Earthquake Buddy, which allows users to track down their loved ones when conventional communications break down in a disaster zone. Read More

When It Came to Aug. Earthquake, Northeasterners 'Felt It'

BY Nick Judd | Thursday, September 29 2011

Over 140,000 people used a U.S. Geological Survey input form to report feeling the late August earthquake in Virginia that may have been felt as far away as Maine. At Nextgov, Joseph Marks reports that a USGS official ... Read More

An East Coast Earthquake, Quantified

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, August 23 2011

Virginia earthquake response map via It's been less than an hour since an estimated 5.9-magnitude earthquake shook up the East Coast with an epicenter about 27 miles east of Charlottesville, Va., and already ... Read More