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More Fodder For Social Media Activism Pessimists

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, March 10 2014

A recent study of the Save Darfur Facebook campaign found that the massive participation online gave the “illusion of activism rather than facilitating the real thing.” More evidence, if it was needed, that the “revolution will not be tweeted.”

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What Are the Costs, and Benefits, of Networked Giving?

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, December 20 2010

Over on the New York Times, Stephanie Strom digs into the new suite of networked charitable giving platforms like Jumo, Facebook Causes, and Causecast. Is there added value in blending a networked, social approach to ... Read More

Tax Day Special Report: What is Online Fundraising?

BY Alan Rosenblatt | Sunday, April 15 2007

With all the attention being paid to how much money the candidates are raising online, I think we need to better understand what “online fundraising” means.  Does it just include funds that are solicited ... Read More