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Michelle Obama 2008 Convention Address

BY stevegarfield | Tuesday, August 26 2008

Where is Michelle Obama? It's hard to find a high quality combination of both good audio and video of Michelle Obama's DNC speech. In the end, Google video had the best experience with good audio and user control. It was ... Read More

Watch Me! Watch Me! at the DNC

BY stevegarfield | Monday, August 25 2008

My twitter feed is going crazy with people vying for my attention. Read More

Daily Digest: Bring Your Spam to the "Astroturf" Picnic

BY Joshua Sherman | Friday, August 8 2008

New vs. Traditional media is apples and oranges, Cybersecurity advice for the next President, DNC responds to "Democrats Praising McCain" ad, McCain offers prizes to spammers and realizes his recent YouTube dominance, ... Read More

Daily Digest: Do Sockpuppets Belong in Politics?

BY Joshua Sherman | Thursday, August 7 2008

Citizen-journalists chosen by Decision '08, contest for "Why are you a Democrat/Republican," what do pollworkers of the 21st Century look like?, fears of security threats at the Democratic National Convention, Twitter ... Read More

RNC Facebook Group Membership Drive Inadvertently Propels DNC Facebook Group Membership

BY Luigi Montanez | Tuesday, June 3 2008

A quick note about the Law of Unintended Consequences in action: A post on Crooks and Liars earlier this afternoon reported that the RNC's Facebook group had surpassed the DNC's group in membership, and the RNC was ... Read More

Daily Digest: McCainPedia Launches, But Is It Really A Wiki?

BY Joshua Levy | Monday, May 19 2008

BlogHer interviews Barack Obama; a literary deconstruction of an anti-Obama smear; Brave New Films hits McCain with another biting video; blowback from the DNCC's choices for credentialed state bloggers; get your Jews ... Read More

Daily Digest: Edwards Jumps on the Barackwagon

BY Joshua Levy | Thursday, May 15 2008

Edwards endorses Obama, and we first found out about it on Twitter, of course; where was Elizabeth Edwards last night?; Edwards takes advantage of the renewed media glare to promote his own project; Edwards for AG? ... Read More

Daily Digest: Clinton Discovers Young People!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, January 9 2008

So the winners in NH or Clinton and McCain, much to everyone's surprise. Mike Connery has an excellent explanation for Clinton's success among young voters; Jeff Jarvis wonders if Obama could be the first candidate ... Read More

Daily Digest: The CNN/YouTube Debate is Tonight: Let the Public Decide!

BY Joshua Levy | Wednesday, November 28 2007

Getting ready for tonight's CNN/YouTube debate; it's good to see all of the Republicans participating, and the introduction of user-submitted videos is a welcome change, but we're still wishing it involved the public in ... Read More

Data Wars: DNC vs RNC

BY Micah L. Sifry | Tuesday, October 23 2007

The Republican National Committee just launched a new online game called Scariest Democrat, a Halloween-themed contest attacking the Democratic presidential field that invites visitors to "click on the Scariest ... Read More