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Burma's Upcoming Telecom Revolution Will Probably Not Bring Internet Freedom

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, May 20 2013

Yangon, Burma, via Wikipedia

Burma (Myanmar) is on the threshold of an Internet revolution, but Human Rights Watch has warned companies to proceed with caution or risk trampling Burmese citizens' rights. Read More


After the Hype, What's Next for the German Pirate Party?

BY Jon Worth | Friday, January 18 2013

German Pirate Party supporters at 2009 demonstration (credit: Piraten/Flickr)

The German Pirate Party's poll numbers have declined significantly since the early days. This is partly due to infighting, but analysts believe the party still has an opportunity to get its act together and make an impact in the upcoming elections. Read More


Burma Liberalizes Internet Access, But Connectivity Remains out of Reach for the Vast Majority

BY Lisa Goldman | Tuesday, September 11 2012

The Burmese government is lifting media censorship and lowering the cost of Internet access, but the cost remains prohibitive for most people in this impoverished nation. Freedom House examines the pros and cons of digital liberation in Burma in a report authored by a researcher who recently spent 10 days meeting activists in Rangoon. Read More