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New Open-Source Tool Gives Texans Faster Access to Campaign Finance Data

BY Miranda Neubauer | Friday, August 2 2013

A Texas Tribune news apps developer has created a new open-source tool giving Texans faster access to state campaign finance data. Read More


Mapping Technology Helps Pakistan Track and Prevent Epidemics

BY Jessica McKenzie | Monday, June 3 2013

The map that changed epidemiology and paved the way, eventually, for data visualization via smartphone

By mapping an 1854 cholera outbreak in London, Doctor John Snow changed epidemiology forever. He discovered the source of contamination was in the water from a pump on Broad Street, not from 'bad air' as previously believed. He also pioneered the field of data journalism and data visualizations, now a staple for public health organizations. In Pakistan, data collected on smartphones by city employees has been mapped and used to target sources of the potentially deadly dengue fever and is possibly keeping infection and mortality rates down. The same technology was repurposed to combat corruption in the Pakistan election this May.

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New Media Site Hopes to Provide Data-Driven "News about News"

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, May 29 2012

It was April 2012 and although Newt Gingrich's presidential aspirations were fading away, his temper had not. He felt he had been treated unfairly and had no problems making that known. Claims like these litter the campaign trail like candy wrappers, the discarded remnants of this or that attempt to control the message of the day. A new site, "The 4th Estate Project," hopes to join initiatives like the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism in quantifying the nebulous world of political journalism — where "narratives" drive the news and every poll has a margin of error — and in so doing provide more evidence to support or refute that type of claim. While tracking the tone and tenor of the news in aggregate isn't new, this project's business model is: The project's founders hope to start a media business driven by content a co-founder describes as "news about news." Read More