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[OP-ED] Darcy Burner: The Netroots Didn't Lose in Washington

BY Darcy Burner | Monday, August 13 2012

Darcy Burner responds to techPresident's story from Aug. 9 exploring what role the netroots did — or did not — play in her recent loss in Washington's 1st Congressional District primary.

"Let’s be sure we learn the real lesson from my loss in the primary race in Washington’s 1st Congressional District," she writes. "Every single person involved with the race agrees on what it is: when one candidate in a primary can self-fund enough to flood every voter communication channel while every other candidate is starved of resources, it’s possible to buy a primary win."

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Was Darcy Burner's Primary Loss a Sign of a Declining Netroots?

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Thursday, August 9 2012

As Cyndi Lauper once sang: "Money changes everything."

That's something that everyone can agree on in American politics, but that's about the extent of the agreement. The question is whether the trend in self-financing wealthy candidates and Super PACs is dampening the enthusiasm of the American left this election cycle. Some look at the failure of netroots favorite Darcy Burner's recent bid for Washington State's 1st Congressional District as an example of all that is wrong in political races, and others — those who were involved — say that the circumstances in that particular race were unique, and that larger lessons about the health of the netroots organizing model can't be extracted from the experience.

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For Netroots Candidate Darcy Burner, Third Time's Not the Charm?

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Tuesday, August 7 2012

When primary voters in Washington's 1st Congressional District go to the polls today, one of the names on the ballot might be more familiar to them than others. That would be Darcy Burner, a netroots favorite who's running along with six other Democrats to succeed former Rep. Jay Inslee, who retired from the seat earlier this year to run for governor.

Last week, Ted Cruz rode a wave of Tea Party anti-establishment energy to win the Texas Republican primary for U.S. Senate. Burner's election is an opportunity for progressives to elect someone with a similar level of ideological purity, someone who was a keynote speaker at the popular Netroots Nation conference and received endorsements from the likes of, Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas and Alan Grayson. Up until now, it seemed as if Burner was going to come out on top in the race between the Democrats — but an ad blitz from her main Democratic rival Suzan DelBene and the vagaries of the immediate pre-primary campaign seemed to be edging her out yet again headed into Tuesday.

[Update Wednesday:] Burner lost, conceding to DelBene in a race in which Burner was badly outspent by the other leading Democrat. DelBene, progressive blogger Matt Stoller told us before election night, injected the race with $1.9 million of her own money before launching an ad blitz that observers say contributed to her victory.

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Digging on Health Care Reform

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