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Daily Digest | One Small Step For Facebook, One Giant Leap For Transparency?

BY Editors | Friday, February 27 2009

OrszBlog! During his OMB blogging days, new Office of Management and Budget director Peter Orszag liked to use the medium to highlight aspects of OMB scoring and other policy minutiae that the press might have glossed ... Read More

Daily Digest | The Twit of The Union

BY Editors | Wednesday, February 25 2009

Yes We Scan: Malamud's Bid to Head GPO Is free-information advocate Carl Malamud at GPO (Government Printing Office) any crazier than Hilda Solis heading up the Department of Labor? The longtime advocate has launched a ... Read More

Daily Digest | White House Goes Open Source with the Left's CMS?

BY Joshua Sherman | Wednesday, February 18 2009

Can DC Draw Techies from Silicon Valley? Matt Asay in CNET asks, "Where will all the Techies go?" Silicon Valley is just now feeling the effects of the economic downturn. With fewer jobs for all those programmers, where ... Read More

Daily Digest | Looking To Upgrade: A GOP Tech Revival?

BY Joshua Sherman | Tuesday, February 17 2009

GOP Tech Revival Earns Some "Amens" The GOP Tech Summit has passed and the daylong conference seeems to have been well received. Nancy has reactions from online conservatives as well as analysis of what was ... Read More