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Daily Digest: Stimulus, Subsidies, Scurvy and More

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, January 27 2009

There's a fuss being made about President Barack Obama's refusal to allow a video from House Minority Leader John Boehner to stand as a response to the President's first video address while in office... After the new ... Read More

Daily Digest: In Local Blogging, Conservatives Spy Opening

BY Nancy Scola | Monday, January 26 2009

Patrick Ruffini is on to something. The conservative consultant is sounding an alarm that progressives would rather he'd rather just hush up about: the online right is seriously outgunned when it comes to political ... Read More

Daily Digest: New Guard Stumbles Upon a Few Bugs

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, January 23 2009

It was touch and go there for a while. Would Barack Obama emerge victorious from the first major face-off of his presidency? Would he prevail over the dark forces who sought stifle him? Obama for the win! You no doubt ... Read More

Daily Digest: Through the Wormhole, Into the White House

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, January 22 2009

One of the two executive orders signed by Barack Obama in his first full day in office pledged to shift governing presumptions about secrecy in the executive branch. With the swipe of a pen, Obama hopes to do away with ... Read More

Daily Digest: First Peeks Inside the New White House (Website)

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, January 21 2009

While it might not have been until a few minutes after noon that Barack Obama and John Roberts got that oath of office thing sorted out, the White House New Media team was ready to go on time... Footage of Sunday's ... Read More

Daily Digest: The Dawn of Day One

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, January 20 2009

As we prepare for today's inauguration festivities, we're presented an abbreviated Daily Digest. We'll be back in full force tomorrow. Inside TIGR: A new video from the Obama transition introduces us to the TIGR team -- ... Read More

Daily Digest: Fighting for a See-Through Stimulus

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, January 16 2009 Washington is going crazy over snappy domain names. First there was, and now this. "Acknowledging concerns about potential government waste," reads a draft of the multi-billion-dollar ... Read More

Daily Digest: Crafting Obama's Triangle of Press, Public, and Politics

BY Nancy Scola | Thursday, January 15 2009

Is Obama 2.0 an Extension of Dean's DNC?: The LA Times' Peter Wallsten serves up what at first glance looks like some juicy details on what evolution of Barack Obama's campaign organization will look like once he puts ... Read More

Daily Digest: Questions, Cats, and Chaos Avoidance

BY Nancy Scola | Wednesday, January 14 2009

Quizzing RNC Hopefuls: The race to be the next Republican National Committee chair is heating up, and it remains particularly fascinating because no clear front-runner has emerged. With two weeks left before the vote ... Read More

Daily Digest: Walking the Participatory Government Walk

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, January 13 2009

We the Briefers: Joining the growing list of President-elect Barack Obama's experiments in interactivity is the Citizen's Briefing Book, as Nancy Scola reports. The top-rated policy ideas will, said Obama advisor ... Read More