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As the Internet Raises Civic Voices In Cambodia, a Struggle Brews Over Net Control

BY Faine Greenwood | Wednesday, March 27 2013

Participants at BarCamp Angkor, February 2013 (credit: Faine Greenwood)

Citizen media, spread through the Internet, are becoming increasingly important in Cambodian civil society. But as people begin to make use of the newfound ease with which they can find and spread information, activists worry that the government is preparing a strategy to reinstitute social control. Officials in Cambodia, a relatively liberal state for the region, are eager to court foreign investment. They recognize the utility of the Internet for development and international commerce. And they also appear to see the threat too-free access to information might pose to unchecked government power. Cambodia today is a case study in how government and civil society wrestle for leverage in the Internet-age developing world. Read More