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Prizes for Most Innovative Digital Rights Projects To Be Unveiled Monday

BY Sarah Lai Stirland | Friday, December 7 2012

As this dramatic account of the beating of a Syrian protestor attests, sometimes dissidents' devices can betray them even when their comrades will not. Similar stories are playing out across the globe, and New York City-based digital rights group Access is keenly aware of all this. So it's devoting itself to developing and promoting technologies to protect individuals' ability to speak freely and to organize politically. On Monday evening, the group will hand out $20,000 each in prizes to the five most innovative technology and media projects designed to help people to freely communicate, tell stories and organize themselves. The awards categories: "Blackout Resilience," "Making Crypto Easy;" "Freedom of Expression;" "Grassroots Technology," and "Facebook." Read More

Twitter Buys Crypto Tech, Then Open-Sources It

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, December 20 2011

Twitter has released the source code to TextSecure, the encrypted SMS messaging application created by Whisper Systems, which it acquired earlier this year. The code is available under the GNU General Public License — among the open-sourciest of open-source arrangements — and is up on Github. Via Nancy Scola Read More