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Trend Watch: Cops and Communities Talk Traffic Data

BY Nancy Scola | Tuesday, May 24 2011

Governing Magazine's Heather Kerrigan reports that cities across the U.S. are finding a useful policing edge in overlaying crime data and traffic safety data. (In broad strokes, crime and traffic incidents tend to happen ... Read More

"The Unspeakable Murder of Rodrigo Rosenberg"

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, April 1 2011

So, do you remember the crazy story of Rodrigo Rosenberg, the Guatemalan lawyer whose nine-minute video testimonial (the one above), posted to YouTube after his 2009 death and otherwise circulated, implicated President ... Read More

Using an Online Forum, One Woman Describes Coping With a Sexual Assault

BY Nick Judd | Tuesday, November 30 2010

"I want to tell you that my children and I are doing quite well considering that we had a gun held to our chests only three days ago," the message read, in a simple sans-serif font. A person named Alexandra Ellison ... Read More

One California Town May Post DUI Arrests to Facebook

BY Nick Judd | Friday, November 19 2010

Officials in one California city, faced with reporters and editors who have refused to run a list of people accused of driving drunk, have decided to publish the list themselves — on Facebook. Faced with a local ... Read More

Mexico's Complicated Mobile Mix

BY Nancy Scola | Friday, April 16 2010

A good look at how authorities and citizens in Mexico are wrestling with the conundrum that mobile technologies can both contribute to and combat drug violence. Read More