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Your Wiki is Showing

BY Micah L. Sifry | Monday, January 29 2007

Or rather, Rep. Stephen Urquhart's legislative wiki, Politicopia, is having a good showing in its first week. Urquhart emailed me to say, "The first week has been good. Citizens are participating and leaders are taking notice. Politicopia made both of the major newspapers, and the Governor, the Senate President and the Speaker of the House have all been on the site."

Indeed, the Salt Lake Tribune reports that Urquhart used the site to put up a preview version of an education voucher bill he is sponsoring, and Democrat Minority Whip Brad King responded positively, saying he "really kind of liked" the idea. "We'd much rather have it out there where we can all see it," he said.

Urquhart is clearly enjoying shaking up the staid Utah legislature. He told me, "Apparently our Speaker learned some new terminology this week. His chief of staff told me there was quite an uproar at a press conference, when he was asked, 'Have you seen Urquhart's wiki?' And, shocked, he slowly replied, 'Have . . . I . . . seen . . . Urquhart's . . .? What did you just ask me?'"

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