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ORGware: Things That Make You Go, Hmmmm

BY Micah L. Sifry | Wednesday, April 19 2006

Britt Blaser has a fascinating blog post today on his ongoing effort to develop ORGware, which he shorthands as "the 'Dean Done Right platform, our campaign-in-a-box, or 'Moveon Done Right', as a knowledgeable friend advised me to label it." Today, he offers a capsule summary of how he and others on Dean's campaign tech team cobbled together an early version of this vision, which is useful if you haven't been paying attention to Britt's ongoing efforts since then.

But I recommend taking a look at his post mainly for what he illustrates about the value of an organization being able to use ORGware (still in development) to see exactly how they are doing with their blogging. Lots of groups and campaigns are making a big push around blogging strategies today, but it's often hard to grok how useful they are, in terms of building buzz, influence and community (well, we all have informal measures, to be sure).

ORGware's client dashboard "prods the client to be proactive to be proactive about the 3 things that matter most to any organization," Britt writes, "Buzz, People, and Money." Plus it's got pretty graphs. Check it out. (Disclosure: I'm on Britt's board of advisors.)