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Online Coalition for Blogger Freedom Launches

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, March 11 2005

Two of our own contributing editors, Michael Bassik and Mike Krempasky, have been busy this past week organizing bipartisan coalition of bloggers, online journalists and political consultants seeking to head off any "crackdown" by the Federal Election Commission on blogging and other forms of online political expression. The letter is now out, and and if you want to add your name to the signatories, go to the Not only is this a bipartisan list (including yours truly and two other PDFers, Brian Reich and Matt Stoller) but the very issue of blogging freedom brought together the conservatives at (which owns the domain name for the site), the Deaniacs at EchoDitto (which designed and built the site), and the PR firm for the Swift Boat Veterans (who lent the coalition their PR list). Kudos to all.

The letter is going to be presented to Scott Thomas, the FEC chair, when he speaks to the IPDI crowd at lunch.