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One Million Strong for Obama?

BY Joshua Levy | Friday, January 26 2007

Adam Conner, who wrote a screed against about Facebook's then-new "News Feed" feature back in September, is back with more Facebook fun, this time taking a close look at the Facebook group, "One Million Strong for Barack," which has the goal of getting one million Facebook members to sign on in support of Barack Obama.

Cross-posting on MyDD and the RunObama blog, Conner describes the goal and exponential growth of the campaign:

On January 16, someone named Farouk Olu Aregbe created an Obama Facebook Group with the (admittedly) audacious goal of reaching one million members. The group, entitled "Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)" even had a timeline for reaching one million:

Lets reach this goal, then set a new goal

Created January 16th, 2007

100 - Same day (January 16th) Reached

1000 - (Jan 19th) Reached

10000 - (Jan 26th) Reached

100000 - (Feb 1st)

1000000 - (Feb 5th)

As he wrote the post yesterday he noticed that the group had added 23,364 members in less than 24 hours. The numbers kept rising as he wrote:

3:42 - 90,218

3:56 - 90,547

4:04 - 90,740

4:11 - 90,874

4:20 - 91,090

4:27 - 91,283

4:38 - 91,604

4:47 - 91,832

Almost a thousand people have joined since I started writing this. This is clearly the largest group of support for any political figure on Facebook.

Ironically, this growth was made possible by the feeds that Conner and others protested back in September. So every time someone joins the group their friends are notified -- meaning that they are made aware of the Obama group.

Conner, who blogs at RunObama, isn't sure the group will get its goal of a million members but it will definitely get him more attention.

Now, I'm not saying that the group will reach a million members by February 5th. In fact, I'm a little pessimistic that it will. But I can guarantee you that in those 11 days more than a million people will be made AWARE of the Facebook Group and Sen. Obama. In fact, I'd guess that more than a million people are already aware of it.

But whatever way you look at it, it's remarkable. And clear proof that something is happening on Facebook with Barack Obama. And I'm sure the 1,614 people who joined the group in the time it took me to write this would agree with me.

As of this writing, the group has 110,679 members; the goal for February 1st has been reached. We'll keep an eye on it.

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