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Lessig and friends launch

BY Christian Crumlish | Wednesday, October 20 2004

From Lessig's political "spam" message about the new p2p-politics site that is leveraging to provide an open source for political ads:

The idea of the site is to enable people to send clips - both video and audio - about the candidate they support to people they know, asking them to listen to or watch the ads sent before they vote. These ads can come from the campaigns, or from anyone who wants to make an ad for a campaign. And as this email does, the site permits people to ad text to the message.

We were very successful in collecting ads supporting Kerry. had a bunch licensed under a Creative Commons license we we could get automatically. And the Kerry campaign then gave us a few more to include.

But despite our repeated requests, through many channels, we've not yet been able to get a reply from the Bush campaign.

To send your own ads, or to contribute a clip or remix of your own,
visit the p2p-politics website.