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BY Micah L. Sifry | Thursday, March 30 2006

I've been going to David Isenberg's annual conference for the last two years, first when it was known as WTF (an acronym that meant everything from "When's the Future?" to "Wireless Trumps Fiber" and "Watching Telcos Fail"), and then F2C. This year's event promises to be his best yet, not just because he'll have live music by Joe Craven (why don't more conferences include musical interludes?) and tons of free wifi, but because he's brought together just about every key person involved in the "net neutrality" fight, which, as Doc Searls pointed out here a few months back, is all about the heart and soul of the internet as we know it.

The F2C list of speakers includes: former FCC chairman Michael Powell, current FCC commissioner Michael Copps, Jeff Chester of the Center for Digital Democracy, Bruce Kushnick of Teletruth, Brad Templeton of EFF, Frannie Wellings of Free Press, lawyer Jim Baller, blogger Om Malik, Ron Sege of Tropos, Esme vos of, Jeff "Buzzmachine" Jarvis, and Reed Hundt, another former FCC chairman.

I'll be there, along with my partner Andrew Rasiej, and if you're anywhere near Washington, DC April 3-4, or can get yourself there (actually Silver Spring, Maryland), you should come too. The conference is 3/4 full and registration will close once 200 people sign up, but you can get a break on the two-day fee by using Priority Code FOBDL2.