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Conference Update

BY Micah L. Sifry | Friday, April 14 2006

Wondering what we'll be covering at Personal Democracy Forum next May 15? We've got more details to share here. One major feature of the day: a series of breakout sessions that cover all the "how to" questions you may have, including:

-To blog or not to blog: Should your campaign or advocacy organization adopt a blogging strategy, and if so, how to do it right.

-How to win friends and influence people in the blogosphere.

-Fundraising best practices: How to turn supporters into donors.

-Merging online and offline organizing: How to use your list to grow your field operation and vice versa.

-Why your website is probably obsolete (and how to fix it): Our panel of expert designers will gladly critique your site, if you dare.

-Online political advertising and other messaging tricks: Where to spend your money (Flash movies? Google ads? Blogs?) and how to get attention for free.

As we finalize our speaker list and schedule, we'll be rolling out the details. Stay tuned!